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With deforestation at a rapid increase and western countries spending close to 10 billion on toilet paper you can see how this becomes unsustainable. The bidet is the future of automated cleaning.


With Australians using around 5km of toilet paper each per year you can see how this can start to add up. Especially when you have a family. Purchasing a Smart Toilet makes kilometres of toilet paper obsolete.


Paper is an inferior product to water. Ask yourself, if hands got dirty would I wash it with paper or water. Why would you treat any other part of your body differently? The smart toilet brings a higher level of hygiene.

The Future

You wouldn't use a paper map if you just bought a GPS and you most likely never would again. Were sure you will feel the same way about the smart toilet. It will change the way you look at those 'dumb' toilets forever!

The Leader In Australian Bidets


Hyundai Bidet is one of the worlds largest manufactures and suppliers of bidet toilet seats. Known by many Australians as the Japanese Toilet Seat, which is normally discovered after a trip to Japan. This revolutionary Smart Toilet is an evolution of the traditional French Bidet. The bidet is used widely around the world with over 90% of households in Europe, much of South America and South-East Asia having a bidet installed separately or included in their existing toilet. Though in western countries this has been slow to take off, we have seen in the last few years a huge boom and surge towards this as the future trend for Australia, the US and UK.

The future is here #findmyzen



Active carbon filter improves air quality.

Self Cleaning

Cleans and sanitises itself after each use to maintain cleanliness

User presets

Store your favourite setting for use next time you use your smart toilet

Anti Bacterial

Anti bacterial sheet help increase protection against bacteria and virus transmission

Warm Water

Continuous warm water throughout the cleaning cycle

Spray Settings

Bubble Wash, Child Setting, Massage & Pulse

Auto Dry

Automatically dries after wash cycle is complete

Seat Sensor

The smart toilet becomes operations once it senses skin contact


Measuring Guide


  • worker with measuring tape

    Will the bidet fit my toilet?

    Using our simple measuring guide above you will be able to match your seat size to one of our smart toilet range products. We supply three sizes: small, standard and elongated. Just run your measuring tape along the listed parts of the toilet and match them to our guide and you are good to go. If you need any assistance please contact support below.

  • buy bidets online

    How can I purchase a bidet?

    It’s easy with Hyundai Bidet’s online store. Be sure that we take online security very seriously and we only provide the most safe and secure system for making your purchases.

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  • delivery man

    How long does it take to deliver?

    Delivery takes around 3 business days from confirmation of order. It is shipped via Australia Post.

  • warranty and returns

    Warranty and returns

    If there is a manufacturing fault with your smart toilet during the warranty period we will cover the cost of shipping to our national repair centre. Items are then normally fixed the same day as arrival. After testing has then been completed it is shipped back to you at no charge.

    Please make sure your water pressure is between 100kpa – 680kpa. If it is higher your will need a pressure restrictor if it is lower your bidet will not function properly. Refunds will not be given for failure to verify your water pressure prior to purchase.

    Refunds are not given for change of mind or for any other reason besides manufacturing fault after the bidet has been in use.

    If the product cannot be fixed, has been wrongly described or is different to the item displayed you have the option of a refund, exchange or store credit.