Welcome to Hyundai bidet shop. We are your Hyundai bidet toilet specialists stocking the very latest in Hyundai electric and natural water Japanese toilet seats. The Hyundai Bidet products have an enviable reputation in the marketplace today. We supply what we consider to be the epitome in Bidet toilet seats, promoting only the Hyundai Bidet brands throughout New Zealand. Because the Hyundai bidet are technologically and aesthetically the best around, they have been embraced and used by government departments, health services, hospitals, leading hotels. Also the Hyundai bidets are the proud addition in thousands of New Zealand homes.

What is a BIDET toilet seat?

A Bidet is a personal cleansing method, utilising a stream of water, which is mroe hygienic and beneficial than toilet paper

The Electronic BIDET…

Is the next step in the Bidet Evolution providing a much better and thorough wash. It also incorporates a warm water wash, heated seat and warm air dryer, features that cannot be found in classic bidets. By retrofitting an electronic bidet to your current toilet, you obtain a much cleaner, hands free wash as well as saving space in the bathroom by not having a tiolet and a stand alone bidet.

How to use the Electronic BIDET

With just a press of a button the bidet nozzle will extend and give you a nice wash, once cleaning has finished you can use the Air Dryer button to dry yourself hands free with a gentle stream of warm air.
The heated seat function is very welcoming on cold winter mornings, more advanced models allow you to adjust the water pressure and temperature as well as the nozzle position to enhance the bidet experience.

What are the Benefits of a Bidet?

Increase personal Hygiene, Save money on Toilet Paper, Beneficial for people with Back Injuries or Mobility Problems and highly beneficial for Women’s Hygiene and Pregnancy.